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smart syringes

Our patented injection devices use an innovative retraction mechanism.
It prevents re-use and needlestick injury.

L.O.M. Medical International Inc. and L.O.M. Laboratories Inc. (together “LOM”) is a medical device development company.

Our objective is to create substantial shareholder value through the development of our patented medical technology.

The Company’s devices are designed to reduce needlestick injuries by safely retracting contaminated needles.

This is accomplished by using a novel pneumatic technology, rather than a spring or vacuum mechanism.

Smart syringe: Novel technology that is safe and simple to use whilst being offered at a low cost.


The company has developed an innovative, auto-retractable-needle safety syringe.

Its devices use a novel pneumatic technology, rather than a spring mechanism.



LOM syringes are competitive in cost to existing manually activated safety syringes.

They are also highly competitive to automatic retractable syringes.


Ease of use

Compared to regular syringe use, little if any additional training is necessary.

A slight additional push on the plunger is all it takes to retract the used needle.

our team

  • Herbert Towning
    Herbert Towning President and CEO

    Herbert Towning is a British Merchant Banker. He was educated at Nottingham University and The London School of Economics and Political Science. After graduation he entered Banking and Financial Services in the City of London.

    He later left the UK for an International Banking career in Europe, US, Canada, the Bahamas and the Arabian Gulf. His career extended to Private Equity where he was a partner. He continues his activities in business development and private equity.

  • Jeremy-Webster
  • Ralph Woloschuk
    Ralph Woloschuk
  • Lorenzo B. Smith
    Lorenzo B. Smith GENERAL SURGERY
  • Christine Lawson
    Christine Lawson CARDIOLOGY
  • Mark K. Mays
    Mark K. Mays PSYCHIATRY
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